Back to the Eighties Show with Jessie's Girl

July 21, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

The Freeman Stage at Bayside 31750 Lake View Drive

Selbyville, Delaware

There is no decade like the ’80s and no party like “The Back to the Eighties Show,” with Jessie’s Girl. Every Saturday night for the last five years, crowds of ecstatic fans and newcomers alike have thrown on their best spandex, leg warmers and metal gear, lined up, and headed to downtown NYC for an all-out celebration. Jessie’s Girl has mastered renditions of the world's most vibrant songs, all while dressed up as the unforgettable characters of that decade. Bon Jovi, Cindi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, and many more come to life right before the dazzled eyes of the crowd. It is theatre, meets live music, smothered in ’80s glitz. A performance like no other and a party you have to experience to believe.
Fees/Admission: $23
Bring Your Own Chair. Children age 12 & under are granted free entry to The Freeman Stage for all General Admission performances and must be accompanied by an adult.