Dickens Parlour Theatre Presents: Denny Corby

May 23 - May 25

Dickens Parlour Theatre 35715 Atlantic Ave

Millville, Delaware

Come see the hilarious & talented, Denny Corby, at Dickens May 23rd - 25th! Denny fell in love with magic as a young kid growing up in Scranton, PA. His parents did everything they could to stir up his enthusiasm. They enrolled Denny in every magic class he could find and encouraged him to perform for friends and family as often as possible. The kid had a clear knack for entertainment. Denny worked his tail off in the “real world.” Still, he couldn’t leave magic behind. Denny’s family encouraged him to step out and take a risk in doing what he truly loved. Denny Corby is a wildly successful magician, entertainer and keynote speaker. Through appearances on major cable networks like Fox and NBC, Denny has graced television screens across the country. Wherever you meet him, Denny is guaranteed to make your day. He’s a warm-hearted goofball who lives to make people laugh and see them smile. Wherever you find him, Denny will probably drop what he’s doing and make you smile. All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice. Come join in the magic at the Dickens Parlor Theatre. Tickets for this and all events can be purchased by phone at: (302) 829-1071, or online at www.dptmagic.com. Check us out on social media to get the latest updates and exciting news about our upcoming shows & performers! Fees/Admission: Adult: $26 Child: $18