Dickens Parlour Theatre Presents: The Great Kaplan

June 19 - June 25

Dickens Parlour Theatre 35715 Atlantic Ave

Millville, Delaware

Come to Dickens Parlour Theatre June 19th - 25th, & witness the return of The Great Kaplan! THE GREAT KAPLAN, virtuoso juggler, magician, inventor, musician, deadpan physical comedian, brings his one-man show to Dickens Parlour Theatre. Illusion, music, juggling and deadpan comedy collide in this hilarious vaudevillesque spectacle. David Kaplan plays “the Great Kaplan”, an earnest vaudeville performer, who while just trying to do a good show, inexplicably gets caught in the crosshairs of the universe. Murphy’s Law according to Rube Goldberg Kaplan’s greatest talent may lie in his uncanny ability to appeal to a wide cross-section of the audience. Spectators, young and old visit a wonderfully strange little world they will not soon forget. All Performances subject to change *All Performers Subject to change with out notice. Come join in the magic at the Dickens Parlor Theatre. Tickets for this and all events can be purchased by phone at: (302) 829-1071, or online at www.dptmagic.com Check us out on social media to get the latest updates and exciting news about our upcoming shows & performers!