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Ocean City, Maryland Information, Ocean City Weather, Ocean City Real Estate, Restaurants, Shopping, Hotels

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, MarylandIn 1869, all that was to be found along this now famous beach was a one-story inn, owned and operated by Isaac Coffin, who had the first cottage on the beach with paying customers. As interest in the town grew, a 400-room hotel known as The Atlantic Hotel was built in 1875. Besides the beach and oceanfront locale, it offered dancing and billiard rooms to its visitors as well.

In the early 1900s, the Trimper family of Baltimore opened an amusement park called Trimper's Amusement Park, a family business that is still going strong to this day. Business was later boosted by the arrival of the railroad and a bridge across the Sinepuxtent Bay, providing visitors a direct route into Ocean City. However, not all changes to the town were manmade. When the hurricane of '33 created a natural harbor, the resort town grew into a commercial fishing center, furthering its value to those seeking the laid back lifestyle at the beach.

In 1902, several oceanfront hotel owners got together and constructed a wooden walkway for the convenience of their guests, the beginnings of the town's well-known boardwalk. At high tide, it was rolled up and stored on hotel porches until around 1910 when a permanent promenade was built. The first permanent boardwalk ran approximately five blocks and was expanded to 15th Street in the 1920s. After being leveled by a storm in March of 1962, it was rebuilt to its present 2.5-mile length, ending at 27th Street.

Today, Ocean City has become a year-round destination. Due to a moderate climate, millions of visitors arrive from late spring through the late fall. Situated on a ten-mile long barrier reef, the resort is filled with cottages, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, amusements, and plenty of shopping opportunities, providing enough fun and excitement for all ages.

Just across the Assawoman and Sinepuxent Bays sits West Ocean City. It has rapidly grown in previous years into a commercially active center serving the resort citizens and visitors with an outlet mall, many service businesses and the Ocean City Airport. A few miles south of the airport, toward Assateague Island, lies South Point, an area of majestic bayfront homes and estates.

Ocean City Map

Ocean City Weather

September 21 @ 2:06pm
Weather Image
clear sky
Hi: 86° | Lo: 78°
Wind: S @ 6mph
September 21 @ 5:00pm
Weather Image
clear sky
Hi: 80° | Lo: 79°
Wind: SW @ 7mph
September 21 @ 8:00pm
Weather Image
clear sky
Hi: 67° | Lo: 67°
Wind: S @ 7mph
September 21 @ 11:00pm
Weather Image
clear sky
Hi: 64° | Lo: 64°
Wind: S @ 7mph
September 22 @ 2:00am
Weather Image
clear sky
Hi: 63° | Lo: 63°
Wind: SSW @ 6mph
September 22 @ 5:00am
Weather Image
scattered clouds
Hi: 66° | Lo: 66°
Wind: SSW @ 5mph

Ocean City Events

September 19 - September 22

Ocean City

Sunfest 45th year kicks off Ocean City’s ‘Second Season’ Sunfest takes over the Inlet Lot and beach Thursday-Sunday, September 19 -22. The town kicks off its “second season” with four days of music, food, arts, crafts and just plain fun. Admission to Sunfest is free. Earning the top spot for “traditional arts and craft shows in the nation,” Sunfest boasts over 180 crafters, along with exciting live music, hayrides on the beach and a wide and delicious offering of food. Daily hours are Thursday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Stayed tuned for official headline announcements! Live entertainment plays throughout the event. All entertainment is free with the exception of evening headline shows. Tickets for headline shows, when available, can be purchased through Ticketsmaster. Ticketmaster 1-800-551-SEAT /

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October 10, 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Ocean City

Please join us for our 14th Annual Chamber Crab Feast! The cost is: $45 per person $20 per child 5-12 4 & Under Free Includes: Steamed Blue Crabs Fried Chicken Corn on the Cob Steamed Shrimp Potato Salad Cole Slaw and more !!! Assorted Desserts Rolls and Butter Soft Drinks Beer Wine

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Ocean City Restaurants

32 Palm RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-2525
9th Street GrillOcean City, MD410-289-7684
AdanaOcean City, MD410-213-4700
Adolfo's Italian RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-4001
Alamo-Rascal's Pool Bar & Crab ShackOcean City, MD410-213-0185
Angelo's Italian CuisineOcean City, MD410-524-2855
Angler RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-7424
Anthony's Beer, Wine, & DeliOcean City, MD410-289-7853
AntipastiOcean City, MD410-289-4588
Asian GardenOcean City, MD410-289-7423
Assateague Crab HouseOcean City, MD410-641-4330
Atlantic StandOcean City, MD410-289-7203
Atrium Cafe & BarOcean City, MD410-723-1646
Bahama Mama'sOcean City, MD410-289-0291
Bahama Mama'sOcean City, MD410-524-8585
Bahia MarinaOcean City, MD410-289-7438
Bayside SkilletOcean City, MD410-524-7950
Bearded ClamOcean City, MD410-289-4498
Belly Busters Seafood & DeliOcean City, MD410-524-7116
Big Pecker's Bar & GrilleOcean City, MD410-723-0690
Billy's Sub Shop & PizzaOcean City, MD410-723-2500
Billy's Sub Shop & PizzaOcean City, MD410-250-1778
BJ's on the WaterOcean City, MD410-524-7575
Blue Ox SteakhouseOcean City, MD410-250-6440
Bogey's Sports Bar / Alex's Fine DiningOcean City, MD410-213-7717
Boog's BarbequeOcean City, MD410-289-7771
Booty's Bar & GrillOcean City, MD410-289-2020
Brass Balls SaloonOcean City, MD410-289-0069
Breakfast Cafe of West Ocean CityOcean City, MD410-213-1804
Buddy's BistroOcean City, MD410-213-7211
Bull on the BeachOcean City, MD410-213-4744
Bull on the BeachOcean City, MD410-524-2455
Buxy's Salty Dog SaloonOcean City, MD410-289-0973
Captain's Galley IIOcean City, MD410-213-2525
Captain's Pizza & Sub RestaurantOcean City, MD410-250-0600
Captain's Pizza & Sub RestaurantOcean City, MD410-213-1102
Captain's Table RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-7191
Caruso PizzaOcean City, MD410-289-1990
Cefalon's Italian DeliOcean City, MD410-250-5696
Coconuts Beachfront Restaurant Bar & GrillOcean City, MD410-289-6846
Coins Corned Beef PalaceOcean City, MD410-289-4440
Coins Pub & RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-3100
Coral Reef RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-2612
Crab AlleyOcean City, MD410-213-7800
Crab BagOcean City, MD410-250-3337
Crabcake Factory USAOcean City, MD410-250-4900
Croc's Sport SteakhouseOcean City, MD410-723-1697
DairylandOcean City, MD410-289-3236
DaVinci's by the SeaOcean City, MD410-289-2974
De Vito'sOcean City, MD410-250-1122
Dough RollerOcean City, MD410-289-9106
Dough RollerOcean City, MD410-524-7981
Dough RollerOcean City, MD410-524-9254
Dough RollerOcean City, MD410-289-3501
Dr. Unks Bar & GrillOcean City, MD410-213-7775
Duffy's TavernOcean City, MD410-250-1449
Dumser'sOcean City, MD410-250-5543
Dumser'sOcean City, MD410-524-1588
Dumser'sOcean City, MD410-250-5543
Embers RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-3322
English's Family RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-7333
Fager's IslandOcean City, MD410-524-5500
Fat Daddy's Sub ShopOcean City, MD410-289-4040
Fausto's AntipastiOcean City, MD410-723-3675
Finnigan's Pub and EateryOcean City, MD410-723-3150
Fish TalesOcean City, MD410-289-0990
Flavors of ItalyOcean City, MD410-289-3757
Galaxy 66 Bar & GrillOcean City, MD410-723-6792
General's KitchenOcean City, MD410-723-0477
Grillin Joe's Restaurant & PubOcean City, MD410-213-7770
Happy Chinese RestaurantOcean City, MD410-213-2663
Happy Jack Pancake HouseOcean City, MD410-289-7377
Harborside Bar & GrillOcean City, MD410-213-1846
Harrison's Harbor Watch RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-5121
Higgins Crab HouseOcean City, MD410-289-2581
Higgins Crab HouseOcean City, MD410-250-2403
Hobbit RestaurantOcean City, MD410-524-8100
Hooper's Crab HouseOcean City, MD410-213-1771
Horizon's Restaurant & Night ClubOcean City, MD410-524-3535
Iguana SurfOcean City, MD410-213-1519
Jonah and the Whale Seafood BuffetOcean City, MD410-524-2722
Jordan's Rooftop Seafood Restaurant & BarOcean City, MD410-250-1867
JR's RibsOcean City, MD410-250-3100
Jules RestaurantOcean City, MD410-524-3396
Just Moosin-AroundOcean City, MD410-289-4375
Kirby's PubOcean City, MD410-723-1700
KitchenOcean City, MD410-289-2244
La MatesinaOcean City, MD410-289-1961
Layton's Family RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-6635
Ledo Pizza & RestaurantOcean City, MD410-250-0123
Leo's Subs & CrabsOcean City, MD410-250-1660
Little House of Pancakes, Ribs & PizzaOcean City, MD410-520-0407
Little Rock Lizzie's Cafe Bakery PizzeriaOcean City, MD410-250-6911
Lombardi'sOcean City, MD410-524-1961
Lombardi'sOcean City, MD410-213-0543
M.R. Ducks Bar & GrillOcean City, MD410-289-9125
Macky's Bayside Bar & GrillOcean City, MD410-723-5565
Marina Deck RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-4411
Marlin Moon GrilleOcean City, MD410-213-1618
Mione's Pizza & Italian RestaurantOcean City, MD410-213-2231
Mothers CantinaOcean City, MD410-289-1330
Mug & MalletOcean City, MD410-289-5995
Nick's Original House of RibsOcean City, MD410-250-1984
No. 1 Chinese RestaurantOcean City, MD410-723-9020
OC WasabiOcean City, MD410-524-7337
Ocean Club Restaurant & NightclubOcean City, MD410-524-7500
Ocean View American GrillOcean City, MD410-289-3012
On the Bay SeafoodOcean City, MD410-524-7070
Out of the Blue RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-1702
Panda China BuffetOcean City, MD410-213-9337
Paul Revere SmorgasbordOcean City, MD410-524-1776
PGN Crab HouseOcean City, MD410-289-8380
Phillips by the SeaOcean City, MD410-289-9121
Phillips Crab HouseOcean City, MD410-289-6821
Phillips Seafood HouseOcean City, MD410-250-1200
Pienzano's Pizza & Italian RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-7433
Pier CafeOcean City, MD410-289-6033
Pino's PizzaOcean City, MD410-723-3278
Pizza BoyOcean City, MD410-289-3296
Plantation House Bar & GrillOcean City, MD410-213-7786
Plaza Tapatia Mexican RestaurantOcean City, MD410-213-7324
Ponzettis Pizza & Sports PubOcean City, MD410-250-2624
Rascal's Crab ShackOcean City, MD410-213-0181
Reel Inn DockbarOcean City, MD410-289-4528
SakuraOcean City, MD410-213-7711
Salsarita'sOcean City, MD410-213-2313
Salvatore's Italian & Seafood Family RestaurantOcean City, MD410-213-7070
Sausalito's RestaurantOcean City, MD410-213-7770
Schooner's Restaurant & BarOcean City, MD410-524-7777
SeacretsOcean City, MD410-524-4900
Seaside Deli, Beer & WineOcean City, MD410-524-7207
Shenanigan's Irish Pub & Seafood HouseOcean City, MD410-289-7181
Sinbad'sOcean City, MD410-289-1131
Smoker's BBQ PitOcean City, MD410-213-0040
Sneaky Pete'sOcean City, MD410-213-4771
Soprano's PizzaOcean City, MD410-289-1999
Soriano's Coffee Shop & RestaurantOcean City, MD410-289-6656
Southside Grille & DeliOcean City, MD410-213-1572
Sub MarinaOcean City, MD410-213-2868