Bethany Tennis

**Note: Times and prices are subject to change.**

Location: 30078 Cedar Neck Road, Ocean View, DE 19967
Contact: (302) 539-5111

Personal Instruction

Professional Instructors: Bobby Hush

Private Lessons:
1 Hour: $75
1/2 Hour: $40
1 Hour (2 Students): $45.00 per person

Group Lesson and Clinic:
1 Hour - 3-5 students: $35 per person
1 Hour - 6 or more students: $25 per person
1 Hour "Children's Clinic: $20 per person
"Doubles Strategy": 90 Minutes - 4 Person: $45 Per person

Stroke of the Day

Stroke of the day lessons are designed to evaluate technique, body motion, footwork, grips and stroke production while introducing various drill patterns to help you develop or enhance sound tennis fundamentals. Sessions are for various levels of players who are committed to putting forth the effort to make changes that will result in a more enjoyable tennis game both competitively or socially.

Saturday: Serve
Sunday: Return of Serve
Monday: Forehand
Tuesday: Backhand
Wednesday: Volley / Net Play
Thursday: Server / Return Volley
Friday: Double Strategy
2 persons: $45 per person
4 persons: $25 per person
6 persons: $20 per person
8 persons or more: $15 per person