The Fenwick Island Lighthouse

A beacon of light that shines bright in Fenwick's history.

The Lighthouse in Fenwick Island, DelawareLocation: Located at the intersection of 146th Street and Lighthouse Avenue in Fenwick Island, DE, 19944
Contact: (410) 250-1098

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse, standing 87-feet tall, began protecting mariners on August 1, 1859 and still remains in operation to this day, casting its light 15 miles out to sea. The lighthouse itself was built on the eastern edge of the Mason-Dixon Line, the border between Delaware and Maryland. Over the years, both the state of Delaware and volunteers from all over have helped contribute to the renovation and preservation of this historic landmark. Open during the summer months only, visitors are welcome to tour the base of the lighthouse, which houses items and memorabilia from the area's past, for free.

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