Lewes Historical Complex & Walking Tours

Dive into the history of Lewes, one of Delaware's most historic towns.

Location: 110 Shipcarpenter Street, Lewes, DE
Contact: (302) 645-7670
Site: www.historiclewes.org

Walking the streets of Lewes is one of the finest ways to experience this seacoast town. From prehistoric and colonial history through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Lewes' history is full of colorful characters and important events. Take the opportunity to travel through time and discover Lewes' Dutch roots, its involvement in the War of 1812, the town's important role in World War II, its close ties to the sea, some of its beautiful architecture and the serene environment surrounding it.

The Lewes Historical Society stands as a gateway to the rich history of Lewes and is the host of many types of tours that can be customized to meet anyone's interests. Packages can include meals at some of Lewes' finest restaurants and other accommodations to suit any visitor. The Society also offers all tours as either walking or as a step-on guide service for buses; or a combination. There are several customizable tours including the Lewes Historical Society Museums & Historic Houses, a Maritime Tour of Lewes, the Historic Houses of Lewes and a general tour of Lewes itself.

All of the tours include a few, if not all, of Lewes' twelve historic houses, each of which displays colonial elegance and rustic farm living. The establishments include some of the oldest buildings in Lewes such as the Ryves Holt House, which was built in 1665. The tour also includes the Burton-Ingram House and Hiram Rodney Burton House, stately colonial mansions recalling a more dignified time. The Rabbit's Ferry House offers a glimpse into the life of a working Sussex County farm family while the Doctor's Office, Thompson Country Store and Midway School #178 present a step back in time to the 19th century.

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