WWII Observation Towers

They once served the nation during a time of war, now they serve the public as a reminder to the area's rich history.

Location: Cape Henlopen State Park, Rehoboth Shoreline, Bethany Beach Shoreline, Fenwick Island Shoreline

Reaching almost 100 feet tall, the observation towers built during the World War II era can still be found along the shores of Delaware today. These towering, concrete behemoths were part of America's coastal defense system during the war as a measure to protect the bay and coastal towns of the area from encroaching enemies. Sitting high above water level, soldiers were able to spot enemy ships and submarines out in the distance. Not only did the tower's occupants spot the enemy, but they also helped forces on the ground tune in their artillery to make sure the enemy decided not to return.

Today, these 65-year-old guardians no longer serve a purpose except to stand tall and preserve the memories, hardships and sacrifices of a generation who went to war. Most are closed off from the public but are still reachable on foot for an up close view. One tower found in the Cape Henlopen State Park, known as Fire Tower #23, was recently restored and allows visitors a panoramic view of the Cape it once defended.

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