Inland Bays Tours

Learn about the delicate ecosystems that create the serene beauty of the shore.

With help from the Center for the Inland Bays and partnerships with local organizations, visitors to the area can now take the chance to discover the fascinating ecosystems of Delaware's Inland Bays with three different tours, each designed to offer participants a unique and up-close experience.

The first two tours, made possible by the Delaware Division of Parks & Recreation, are pontoon boat tours of the Inland Bays aboard the 47-foot "Sand Dollar." The "Discover Delaware's Inland Bays" tours begin at the Indian River Marina located at Delaware Seashore State Park.

The first of which is the Estuarine Ecology Tour, which is a scientific investigation of the Inland Bays' habitat. Participants will perform simple water tests, collect and identify plants and animals, and discuss the role humans play in the ecology of our imperiled coastal waters. The second tour, the Rehoboth Bay Tour, is a relaxing, sightseeing opportunity on the bay. A naturalist is on board to discuss the formation of the Inland Bays, estuarine and salt marsh ecology, and connections between humans and the bays while riders simply take in the views.

A second partnership with a company by the name of EcoBay Kayaking Adventures has provided the more adventurous types the chance to go on kayak tours at the scenic James Farm Ecological Preserve in Ocean View. These tours focus on the educational discovery of Delaware's Inland Bays and their natural treasures. They are designed for small groups while private and sunset tours are available as well. Included in the tour is a picnic-style lunch served in the James Farm's pavilion. Following lunch, participants will have an opportunity to enjoy the James Farm's observation towers, woodland trails, boardwalks, and sandy beach.

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