Ocean City Boardwalk

Stretching along the shore of downtown Ocean City, the boardwalk is the town's main attraction.

When most people think about Ocean City, the first thing that comes to mind is the legendary Boardwalk. Spanning 2.5 miles, it is an economic staple for the town and a must-see for anyone who has yet to experience it.

Officially known as Atlantic Avenue, the Ocean City Boardwalk got its start back in 1902 when several owners of oceanfront hotels got together and built a wooden walkway for their guests. However, once high tide came in, the walkway would be rolled up and stored until it could be laid out again. By 1910 a more permanent walkway, running approximately five blocks, was built. It was later expanded to 15th Street in the 1920s. Following a storm in 1962, the walkway was destroyed but was rebuilt to its current length where it ends at 27th Street.

A walk along the Boardwalk mixes elements of both the town's rich history and flourishing present. Some of the original hotels of Ocean City still stand today, alongside the original attractions that made the town so famous. These include the first motels such as the Seascape and the Lankford Hotel, as well as the time-enduring attractions like Trimper's Amusements and the Pier.